Friday, June 27, 2008

My diva day

Took a half day today and got a facial at Five Senses. I've gotten a massage at Five Senses and would highly recommend Matt there (he gives it to you hard...meow) but facial, eh. Last quarter, my facial was at Empire Spa in Bloomington and it was incredible. I saw an obvious difference and even thought so the next day. I would highly recommend them. Five Senses uses Aveda and it was a little oily for me and my gal pal got oil in her lovely, long blonde hair. We need a chic chic spa in Ptown. If you know of any I am missing, let me know. Five senses does have the chocolate fountain though as you wait. Last time I dropped a pretzel in it...whoops. It was quite funny to see it keep circulating through!

What better way to follow up a facial than with drinks and shopping (sale at Banana)!

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