Friday, June 27, 2008

My diva day

Took a half day today and got a facial at Five Senses. I've gotten a massage at Five Senses and would highly recommend Matt there (he gives it to you hard...meow) but facial, eh. Last quarter, my facial was at Empire Spa in Bloomington and it was incredible. I saw an obvious difference and even thought so the next day. I would highly recommend them. Five Senses uses Aveda and it was a little oily for me and my gal pal got oil in her lovely, long blonde hair. We need a chic chic spa in Ptown. If you know of any I am missing, let me know. Five senses does have the chocolate fountain though as you wait. Last time I dropped a pretzel in it...whoops. It was quite funny to see it keep circulating through!

What better way to follow up a facial than with drinks and shopping (sale at Banana)!

Thursday, June 26, 2008

Some fav restaurants

Some great restaurants to try in Ptown from chic chic to cheeky:
Seven - my favorite, in the Heights, they make the best cosmos in town, you feel like you are in Chi-town, I love, love, love the tuna!
Ponte Vecchio - a wonderful Italian restaurant in Sheridan Village, a seasonal favorite each month, great wine list, they buy their produce from a local organic farmer, and Tim is a wonderful host
Khaki Jacks - who doesn't love an ice cold beer and buckets of peanuts, this is place my golfing gals and I hit, wonderful fries, great burgers
Basta - great Italian place in the Heights, giant portions though but I guess that can be a good thing
Oyster bar - yummy martinis and great apps and as I have stated before, cute bartenders
Jalapenos - I love these guys, they make me a mean margarita, great salsa, quick service and I love Mexican food!

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Just a handful...

As The Smiths stated in song "Some Girls Are Bigger Than Others". I am the other. Most of my friends are not. I have recently found some products which are miracle workers and I tell my busty friends all about them (and the guy in Mexico who works at VS and the people at the gym...I love to spread good news!). They are kind enough to listen and then say...if I could give you some of mine I would...ahhh, what good friends.
1) The itty bitty bra website Bras for tiny boobs in sizes from AA to B! Yeah for B cups!
2) The Victoria's Secret Infinity Edge push up bra with Gel Curve. OMG, this bra has it all; underwire, padding, and a gel pack. It is truly comfortable and I now have some cleavage! To quote a friend after I shoved my chest in her face and said look, "people are going to think you got a boob job." Yeah!

Thursday, June 5, 2008

Summer TV

New episodes of My Boys starts on TBS on June 12. It is a great, fun, summer show based in Chicago about PJ, a female sports writer, and her friends, mostly guys. Jim Gaffigan (famous for hot pockets comedy sketch and the open door pooper in S&TC) plays her brother. Go online and watch old episodes, especially the douchebag intervention episode. Check it out!

I love this moisturizer

Of course I frequent Sephora and recently got a sample of Bliss, The Youth As We Know It moisturizer. It is wonderful and I really do think it works. My skin was smooth, well quenched and I thought it worked on wrinkles. Plus, it smells like cake!

Sephora's description:

The Youth As We Know It
An extraordinary age-fighting moisture cream that has it all, including MMP Inhibitors, Wrinkle Reduction Peptides, Visual Facial Fillers, Cellular Respiration Boosters, Hyperdermal Destressors, 7-Day Hydrators, Barrier Repairing Ceramides, Wrinkle Relaxers, Multifruit Complex, and Vitazyme A.

What else you need to know:
The Youth As We Know It is a one-stop shop for wrinkle renovation, exfoliation, oxygenation, binding hydration, surface line relaxation, cellular respiration, and collagen and elastin regeneration.

Formulated with the ten most effective antiaging ingredients, Bliss' experts have found in over ten years of giving "great face," this moisturizer is truly beyond your wildest "creams."

Sunday, June 1, 2008

Cat Fight

I tuned in to CBS Saturday night for the MMA fight. I have a girlfriend who will watch, cheer on the roundhouse kicks to the head and then yell at the tv, oh come on, just get it on and get it over with! Thus, I thought I would give it a try.

The fight I was amazed at was the chic fight. Pictured here is Gina Carano, the female face of MMA. What killed me about the fight was they announce their weight for all to hear (cringe) and then the announcers kept taunting her because she was 4 lbs heavier than her competition! She is so out of shape, this will be tough for her since she is 4 lbs heavy! Whatever, like they never had a binge weekend and put on some my recent long weekend trip to Mexico filled with guacamole and margaritas...lots of margaritas. More on that later.

She did not care though, she kicked some booty and won....but then said, I am a little out of shape and need to get back in the gym. Whatever girl, you kicked ass and looked good. Own the body and work it!