Thursday, February 28, 2008

I'm back in with Baby Jesus!

I think I have secured a spot in heaven...makes up for past incidents...see entries below.

Long story short...really drunk woman walked into the restaurant we were at tonight, stumbled into the bathroom, she had no coat, no keys, $3 and needed a taxi. She was sooooo drunk. Taxi was going to take 1 hour so my husband and I used TomTom (love it, my new fav gadet) and drove her home. Unfortunately, her own kids did not want to let her in and I had to yell "I have your mom out here" a few times before they let her in.

Saturday, February 16, 2008


OMG...if you did not see What Not To Wear Friday night you missed the best transformation ever! Rosemary looked fabulous and to quote Christian from Project Runway, FIERCE. Stacy & Clinton proved once again, they are truly talented and looking great builds self-confidence. And, Rosemary is a freak for cookies - you have to watch her shriek for a cookie!

I soooo want to do some makeovers at work. My gal pal and I have a list of people who are worthy of a makeover by us. Now if I could just get paid for pointing out to people they look hideous and I can help.

Saturday, February 9, 2008

Matthew McConaughey without a shirt

Movie worth seeing: Matthew McConaughey without his shirt..aka Fool's Gold. Not great, not terrible but most of the movie he is not wearing a shirt and you get to see 1/2 of his butt. Oh yeah baby. Mommy loves. Worth my $7.

Rod Stewart

I am infamous for nicknames...I give them out very freely....McSpooky, McChesty, SuperTan, Big Turd, Deputy Combover, Sanchez,...the list goes on and on.

I was just going through files on my computer and rediscovered this beauty. Last year on vacation in Puerto Vallarto, I found Rod Stewart. Not kidding, this is the hairdo she would wear to the pool. It was so bad! This do and a bikini = quelle horror!


So I got hooked on the following phrase "Hey Bitchez!" My friend Pinks turned me on to the phrase.

So, my gal pals and I golf and our focus is not so much on golf as it is making friends and enjoying our beverages. We've forced men to pull down their pants on the course and yes, one year we won the "most spirited" award. The spirits were beer and cactus juice..ugh!

Anywhoo, we did a fall golf event at Weaver Ridge. After many beverages we made it to 18 and the dinner event. My friend won an thing-a-majig that you can use to personalize your golf balls. We decided we needed to make a "bitchez" ball. Unfortunately, we had been drinking and you could only press 3-4 letters onto your golf ball at a time. Our ball ended up coming out saying chizbit...because we were drunk, did the bit first and then thought we had the chiz at the end but we did not! We laughed so hard we dropped the ball and it is now lying somewhere at Weaver Ridge. If you find my chizbit ball, please return to owner.

My Secret Life

My gal pal and I joke we need a secret life...for all the fabulous dresses we buy but don't get to wear much.

Exhibit A) I just bought this fab dress at White House Black Market. It looks so great on and covers my juicy booty! And it has pockets. I am obsessed with dresses with pockets. I heart them. I did not think I would like dresses with a bubble like hem but hey, I gave it a try and it worked out.

Unfortunately, I don't hang with high society and have big parties to wear such dresses to so I usually end up wearing them out to dinner or a happy hour and my husband says "why are you so dressed up?" Ugh, because I am fabulous...duh!

Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Do your part... 1 bag at a time

I have one friend who is very green conscious and she is rubbing off on me. Thus, I recently purchased reusable bags from 1 bag at a time. It is a great site, you learn a little, and you can order the bags which are on sale right now. Ten reusable grocery bags are on sale for $15.99 and they come in very fashionable colors! I went with chocolate brown - it will match my boots, my ballet flats, etc, etc!

Sunday, February 3, 2008

I'm going to hell...but at least my friends will be there with me

Yesterday we ventured to Champaign to our alma matter and watched U of I mens basketball lose to Purdue. We then went to Murphy's on Green Street for burgers and beer. Next time you are over at U of I, stop by Murphy's - they have delicious & cheap burgers and fries!

Anyhow, there was about 6 of us so we grabbed a table at the window looking out to Green Street. As we were staring out, we saw that across the street right on the corner there was an extremely slick spot. For a while a homeless guy stood there and told people it was slippery and then asked for some change so some passerbys were cautious. However, he left and the youngins kept coming. Thus, we and the other tables near us starting watching intently and started calling out who we thought was going to wipe out. At first we were all doing this independently but then realized we were all playing the same game!

Yes, other's misery was our entertainment. It was hilarious though. It took a while for someone to totally biff - those college kids are agile and can stay on their feet...legs and arms flailing! You should have heard the whoops when someone finally wiped out and then took out her friends. Note: no one took a huge fall and cracked a skull or anything, we defo weren't wishing for that or would laugh at that.

At the end, we did go notify the store owners of the slippery corner and karma paid us husband ended up wiping out on a different street corner!