Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Rodeo attire?

It's official, I have nothing to wear to a rodeo. I've never been to a rodeo but this weekend will be my first. Apparently a sundress is a no no. I thought a cute colorful one with some thongs would have been ok, I mean it is outside. I've asked my friend G for advice and was told jeans, but not my good ones so no Paige or Joes hmmmmm, a cute tank - solid color none of my crazy patterned or flowy ones- and some shoes that can get dirty or muddy. I'm at a loss on the shoes. I was hoping to wear my cute MKors wedges but ...

G also stated bandanna and spurs optional. I hope to post some good pics upon my return.

Also my apologies for not posting in a very long time. Personal life all settled now so back to my rants.

Good coconut

I went out on a limb and ordered the Dylan's Candy Bar lotion - Coconut Bon Bon Lotion as I needed a new lotion for my gym bag. While I love coconut, I usually don't buy it in lotion or shower gel as I feel there is a fine line between good coconut and smelling like a stripper. You know the scent, like Malibu rum, ick.

Anyway, this is a great smelling lotion. Light coconut, a bit sugary and little lemon & vanilla. I'd recommend. Right now sephora is running special if you enter dcandy at check out. You get it cheaper.