Monday, December 31, 2007

2008 New Year's Resolution - New Jeans

Peoria - your 2008 resolution should be to invest in a good pair of jeans. Not those mom jeans (see You Tube and the SNL commercial).

It is so worth it to invest in a great pair of jeans and we are lucky in Ptown to have some great boutiques where you can find some fantabulous jeans - Perfect Pear is my fav but also check out Belle Mie, Random, Azura, Pink Sugar, Macy's or Von Maur in Bloomington. You'll look great and feel wonderful in your new jeans and you'll be beautifying our city.

Try on many pairs with your goal being to get a good pair of a darker wash jeans. The newer jeans are cut nicely, have a nice wash and stretch, length your leg, make you look thinner, pockets are placed to help your booty look good, etc. Benefits far out way the cost. While I say invest, you don't have to spend hundreds but find a good pair. Most of our boutiques will have a jeans sale so keep your eyes open. Remember, you can always get a tailor to hem them so don't say they don't fit because they are too long.

Important tips: Bring a good friend with you who will be honest and tell you if they look good or "whoa, ass too fat." When trying on, bend over. No one wants to see crack, muffin top or whale tales. And never let me see you wearing your awesome jeans with a Disney sweatshirt!

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