Saturday, May 24, 2008

Euro Jacks closed

If you have not heard, Tim (owner of Jim's) sold off the Euro Jack's building to Big Al's. I have heard they are going to re-open at some point but right now, no more delicious burgers and ranch fries.

White Jeans

I did it. I went out on limb and bought white jeans at Perfect Pear in P.Heights. They have some really cute pairs there with some fun detailing but I went with plain James jeans. I really do love them and I think they will be a good summer edition with some colorful tops. If Cameron Diaz can pull off, why not me!

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

I don't get it...

What is with wearing a piece of wood in your ear instead of an earring? I don't understand why 20 somethings here in Illinois want to stretch out their earlobes. I was in Starbucks and this beautiful girl working there had big pieces of wood in her earlobes to stretch them.

Good idea if you are a Masai warrior, bad idea if you are a white kid in the states.

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Hottie at the EP Panera

Great lunch today - not only did we celebrate a friend's bday but also had a hot guy spotting. Yummy. Hey, I am not the only one that noticed him. My girlfriend also did a double check and said "hello, who is that?" I mean come on, at the EP Panera, there is usually not hotties there for lunch. This guy was maybe 5' 10'', tan, dressed in nice flat front pants, a crisp white shirt and very nice brown leather shoes. He was very good looking with a chiseled face, a bit of 5 o'clock shadow and ok, I looked, a cute booty.

Happy sightings to the rest of you!