Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Small Wonder

Small Wonder

Click on link above. I love this combo of fashion & technology! Too cute. I'd really like to see one in person first before buying though and ensure it fits in all my purses!

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

No more chunky shoes

I was at the gym and this is what I spied in a nearby locker. NO! No chunky shoes. The true crime here is the woman who was going to sport these Frankenstein shoes was young, thin and attractive. Why put big ole clunky shoes on! They make you look bottom heavy. I am not proposing everyone get spiky heels but what about a cute pair of ballet shoes, wedges or some heels with a thicker heel. Yes, thicker heels are in, see pic below, and there is a difference between them and chunky heels.

These are tough economic times but go through your closet, get rid of chunky heels and buy a new pair of shoes; there are some great sales out there.

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Don't be a New Year's Resolutioner

I attended Step class on Monday. As I set up my step, the people kept coming in...and then I realized, oh yeah, its January. Ahhh, all the new faces...for a month at least.

Don't write New Year's resolutions, write commitments. Be committed to fitness, exercise, a healthy lifestyle, not just a one month deal. Make a friend at the gym and make a point to see them there. Eat healthy - get in your fiber & fruits & veggies. I made a friend ask me daily last year for about a month if I ate my 3-4 servings a day...the constant reminder helped & I still get my fruits & veggies.

Then with all the exercise and healthy eating you can buy some super cute fashionable clothes and be ready for the New Year!