Sunday, June 1, 2008

Cat Fight

I tuned in to CBS Saturday night for the MMA fight. I have a girlfriend who will watch, cheer on the roundhouse kicks to the head and then yell at the tv, oh come on, just get it on and get it over with! Thus, I thought I would give it a try.

The fight I was amazed at was the chic fight. Pictured here is Gina Carano, the female face of MMA. What killed me about the fight was they announce their weight for all to hear (cringe) and then the announcers kept taunting her because she was 4 lbs heavier than her competition! She is so out of shape, this will be tough for her since she is 4 lbs heavy! Whatever, like they never had a binge weekend and put on some my recent long weekend trip to Mexico filled with guacamole and margaritas...lots of margaritas. More on that later.

She did not care though, she kicked some booty and won....but then said, I am a little out of shape and need to get back in the gym. Whatever girl, you kicked ass and looked good. Own the body and work it!

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