Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Just a handful...

As The Smiths stated in song "Some Girls Are Bigger Than Others". I am the other. Most of my friends are not. I have recently found some products which are miracle workers and I tell my busty friends all about them (and the guy in Mexico who works at VS and the people at the gym...I love to spread good news!). They are kind enough to listen and then say...if I could give you some of mine I would...ahhh, what good friends.
1) The itty bitty bra website Bras for tiny boobs in sizes from AA to B! Yeah for B cups!
2) The Victoria's Secret Infinity Edge push up bra with Gel Curve. OMG, this bra has it all; underwire, padding, and a gel pack. It is truly comfortable and I now have some cleavage! To quote a friend after I shoved my chest in her face and said look, "people are going to think you got a boob job." Yeah!

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Jennifer said...

Oooo... I'll have to check out the Victoria's Secret bra that you mention.